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Avoid Traveling Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expo Shows

Buyer Beware!

Consumer Alert:


Here’s Why: Hot tub and swim spa expos are typically advertised as “national events” or “once in a lifetime” and insinuate that all major manufactures are present. However, this is far from the truth. In reality, these expo events are set up quickly and run by high-pressure sales staff who leave town and disappear as soon as the event is over. The high-pressure salespeople will tell you whatever you want to hear because they will never see you again. They only get paid if they sell you something, and certainly are not looking out for your best interest. These false sales are run most often by Master Spas and there are ONLY Master Spas at these misleading events. If they have to lie to you before the sale, imagine what happens AFTER they have your money!

A Traveling Road Show is no Place to Make a Hot Tub or Swim Spa Purchase!

You need to make a wise decision on this big-ticket purchase. Usually, the traveling show will only have one color available, so you have to choose what they have. This is by design — they only sell one color so it’s easier for them to close you. We believe you should get exactly what you want when purchasing a hot tub that you will be enjoying in your space for years to come.

Box Store Purchases Fall Into the Same Category

The desire for good value is far different than just cheap! The ability to obtain quality service after the sale is limited and if you buy a spa from a box retailer, you will need it! These are often inexpensive, off brands that just aren’t built for our climate. They will never be able to offer water care advice or service-related questions. Your monthly operating costs will blow away any real savings in the hot tub. We all buy products that we don’t need the top of the line of but when considering the purchase of a spa that’s going to sit outside 365 days a year, your cheapest option is far from the best VALUE! Like the traveling spa sale shows, having no support or service will become a problem. If your water looks and feels terrible you won’t enjoy it and your components won’t last in poor water conditions. There are a lot of good quality spas in WA and Idaho. Support local and you won’t be disappointed!

Don't Fall for the "This Price is Only Good Right Now!"

The “expos” advertise up to 80% off, so you think you are getting a great deal. The truth is, at these shows you will pay more than you would from a local dealer and there is NO PRICE on any of their spas. Many people end up buying an $8000 hot tub for over $12,000 thinking they got some great factory discount. Don’t be fooled! Take your time and make an educated decision. I was just at one of these “sales” last week in Spokane and NONE of the spas had pricing on them. Basically, they can make up any price on the spot!

This should be terrifying for a consumer!!

Don't be Left Without a Local Company to Answer Questions and Provide Ongoing Service

One of the main reasons to avoid the traveling expo is because when the event ends the expo leaves too, and without a local showroom or anyone to answer questions, much less provide service after the sale. That’s no way to buy a hot tub or swim spa. The sales force will lie to you about service, and they rarely follow up!!!! They will tell you that they are local. They will tell you they provide service. They DON’T! And if they do eventually, there will be call out fees and many people wait weeks or months to receive service from some local plumber or someone that doesn’t normally work on spas.

Check out the resources below and think twice about visiting traveling hot tub and swim spa expo shows like the 888 Spa Sale!!!!!

Don't Take MY Word for it... Take All of THESE People's Word!

Consumer Complaints

My Personal Experience at the 888 Spa Sale Lat Week!

I’ve been in the hot tub industry for almost 30 years, and I am well aware of all the horror stories surrounding these “sales”. It had been a few years since I checked one out so last week I made my way to the Fairgrounds in Spokane. The hot tub right outside the door at the show was wrapped in a Master Spas logo but no other manufacturers were represented. The advertising touts “Multiple Manufacturers” which is a blatant lie. Like most every spa maker, they have a few series of spas within the line. This is no different for all of us. I’m not sure why they feel the need to lie to people about this.

They suggest “hundreds” of spas on site when there was 20-25. One of the first things I noticed was no pricing on any of their spas or swim spas. This is always concerning as obviously the price can be made up on the fly and “discounts” are fictitious.

I wandered over to a group of 6 people standing around a running spa. The elderly gentleman was explaining some of the features to this unknowing group. I asked him who services these spas in Spokane and area as there is no Master Spas retailer anywhere near here. He went on to suggest that “they were the ONLY company that looks after their customers”. A bold statement but I stuck around to hear the rest of the drivel… Instead of a service company, they have “many” service people hired by Master Spas in every area to service their spas. I was like, OK, but WHO in my area services them? He couldn’t answer my very simple question. One of the couples I was standing next to walked away at this point and left.

The standard response is to suggest a local retailer has agreed to do the warranty work. Years ago, the company I worked for was their made up choice. We had people coming in all the time looking for service who bought at these shows and we had to tell them that they were mislead and that we didn’t service Master Spas. This was just how they operated. Now they call around to plumbers or electricians to try and service their spas. Often this can take WEEKS and there are call out fees. These people don’t stock parts so consumers have to wait to get Master to send them parts and then schedule the repair (hopefully they know how). I’ve had so many people frustrated after making one of these purchases that they were lied to.

As someone who has tried very hard over the years to surpass expectations and provide exceptional support and only will work for companies that put customers first, companies like this bring the entire industry down and give it a bad reputation. I wish we could prevent this, not because they sell a few spas but instead, because of everything I’ve mentioned above. I love competition and I believe that it’s great for every industry but when it’s about lies and deceit, it’s then that I have a serious issue with these 888 spa sales.

We at Quality Stoves & Spas pride ourselves on being engaged with our customers before, during and after the sale.

We are the service and parts department for any spas we sell. We simplify watercare and offer free water testing to our customers, so they enjoy their purchase for MANY years!

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