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Water Care

Your Local Water Care Professionals

If you’re spending more than 5 minutes a week on your spa water care and your water isn’t perfect, let us help you achieve that goal!

Often, hot tub owners feel like chemists and truly don’t understand what they’re testing and why.

Our goal is to eliminate all confusion and simplify the water care process and having you test for only 2 items weekly. WE will look after all other aspects of your water care for you.

After delivery of your spa, we will come out to your home and show you exactly how to look after your spa (Wet Start) and put you on a “5-minute-a-week” program for your water care. It’s the most simple program available to hot tub owners and we’re proud to share it with our customers!


Spa Pure

We are proud to offer one of the best values in water care in the industry in SpaPure water care products!

Upon delivery with your spa, you will receive a comprehensive water care kit that we will explain in detail during the wet start and provide ongoing advice and tips to simplify ownership.

NOTE: Box stores often sell less expensive water care, BUT what most consumers don’t realize is that those products contain far more “fillers” in them, so you end up using more of the same product to achieve the same results. Your total cost of water care shouldn’t be determined at the counter, but instead annually. You will find buying quality water care from a professional spa retailer will actually cost you less over the course of a year due to higher concentration of these better quality products.

Do not use pool products in your hot tub!!



SilkBalance leads the way in premium spa water care with a unique, unmatched, proprietary formula specifically designed to eliminate the need for excessive chemicals, wasted time, and work involved with traditional or salt water systems without SilkBalance. SilkBalance works with all sanitizers and improves their effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Soft, Silky Water
  • A Natural Water Conditioner
  • Neutralizes Odors
  • Clean, Fresh Smell
  • Prevents PH & Alkalinity Bounce
  • Softens the Water
  • Helps Prevent Cloudy Water
  • Helps Prevent Foaming
  • Great for Chlorine or Bromine
  • Counteracts Harsh Chemicals
  • Protects Your Skin from Drying Out
  • Protects Your Spa Pumps & Heater Element
  • No Need to Shower After Using the Spa

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Free Water Testing

We recognize our customers don’t want to be “chemists”, but instead they just want to relax and enjoy their spa with their family.

At Quality Stoves & Spas, our customers bring us a water sample (approximately 2 cups) at least once a month.

We want you to test weekly at home for only 2 aspects of water balance. Once a month we look after the rest and provide you recommendations for perfect water balance. No more reading bottles, converting ounces to teaspoons and getting frustrated. Let the professionals look after it for you!

We are proud to offer some of the best values for water care in the industry. Come visit us in store!

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